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Expectations & course description
Assignment outline for 1st semester
ECA Student Handbook
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Poetry Out Loud
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The ECHO (ECA's webzine)
Blogs, requirements & rubric
Poetry recitation rubric
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Lord of the Flies e-text (in case of emergency)
Animal Farm e-text

Class of 2015 Resources:
Audio version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time here

Current assignments and updates (for old assignments, visit the old assignments page)

Final exam resources:
Your final exam essay will be a commentary, like the essay you wrote at the end of the Lord of the Flies unit. You should review these tips on structuring a commentary several times before you take the exam: Structuring Commentary Essays. Also, take a few minutes to look over this sample commentary on Julius Caesar: JC Sample Commentary, 61-3 Here are the notes about the main ideas of all four texts that we drafted in first and second periods - I haven't had time to edit these yet, so feel free to browse the results from both classes' brainstorming: Main ideas, Semester 2 texts

Your English final will take place from 11:30 - 1:30 on Monday, 6 June. View the complete schedule: Final exam schedule, Sem 2 10-11.doc

Optional TCI commentary essay:
If you are writing the optional TCI commentary, you should select your passage and use the structure outlined above in the "Structuring Commentary Essays" document. Essays must be e-mailed to me by midnight on Sunday (no need to use this time). If you need any help editing your paper, feel free to send me a draft this afternoon - but please send it as early as possible.

WEEK of 16 - 20 May:
Due Tuesday / Wednesday: Read through page 158 of TCI, and answer one of the 4 wiki discussion questions posted (no more than 10 responses per question, please).

Due Thursday / Friday: Read through page 198 of TCI.

WEEK of 9 - 13 May:
Due Monday / Tuesday: Read through page 65 of TCI.

Due Wednesday / Thursday: Read through page 90 of TCI, and finish your vocabulary paragraphs.

Due Friday / Monday: Read through page 124 of TCI.

WEEK of 2 - 6 May:
Due Tuesday / Wednesday: Project presentations for Animal Farm due in class today

Due Thursday / Friday: Read through page 34 of TCI (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) and read (or finish reading) the article "A parent's account" (linked on Tuesday/Wednesday's date on the assignment calendar)

Due Wednesday / Thursday: Read through page 90 of TCI, and finish your vocabulary paragraph