Semester I, English 9: August – December 2010
Tu, Aug. 17
Introductions; photos; discussion of blogs
HW: Expectations signatures (Academic Honesty Policy is on p. 34 of the Student Handbook)
W/Th, Aug. 18/19
Poem reading (A.E. Housman: "To an athlete dying young"); discussion of poem and the definition of poetry (poetry vs. prose); poetic terms list; brief introduction to; 2nd poem reading (Gwendolyn Brooks, "A song in the front yard"); discuss standards for ECA English
HW: Review 3 personal blogs of interest; to find popular blogs you may wish to use bestofthewebblogs, technorati, EatonWeb, blogarama, blogcatalog, Webby Awards, Top Blog Area, totalblogdirectory, blogsearchengine Specific content requirements and a sample blog review are posted on the main class page.
F/M, Aug. 20/23
Discuss interesting blogs from HW; read, discuss and scan two of Shakespeare's sonnets
HW: Read and sign responsible blog use letter/ get a parent signature; write a paragraph indicating which of the two sonnets from class you believe is more effective [i.e., which would you rather receive?], using specific quotations and examples from the sonnets; get independent reading book (if you haven't already) *note - to submit this homework electronically, please send as an attachment to my gmail account, or type it in Google Docsthen choose 'share' (see me if you have questions)
Tu/W, Aug. 24/25
SSR & discuss reading selections; read poems "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening" and "The albatross"; go over standards; look at formulaic essay format (explain Aug. 30/31 exercise across all English classes)
HW: draft of introductory blog post
Th/F, Aug. 26/27
SSR; finish discussion of "Stopping by woods . . ."; read and discuss two new poems: "I Hear America Singing" and "A Supermarket in California"
HW: Choose poem to memorize & analyze with a written commentary (e-mail me a link to your selection - that's all you need to send me for now) / review formulaic essay format for writing exercise in class on Monday / Tuesday, and choose a title for your blog, and 2 or more images to post with your first entry (e-mail them to me & include the website they came from if they aren't your own)
M/Tu, Aug. 30/31
HS English Norming & Conventions Calibration Exercise
HW: Work on memorization & analysis of your poem (a sample commentary will be posted on September 1st); also, read "Inheritance (Peso ancestral)" and make a comment on the discussion tab (see explanation on the main class page); finally, send me a link to your blog!
W/Th, Sept. 1/2
SSR; create blogs with first entry; read & discuss Storni: Peso ancestral (Inheritance); begin writing poetry analysis
HW: Memorization and essay analysis of poem
F/M, Sept. 3/6
SSR; discuss poetry recitation
HW: Memorization and essay analysis of poem; see main English 9 page for sample poetry analyses
Tu/W, Sept. 7/8
Memorized poetry reading and responses; independent feedback sheets
HW: Prepare for final assessment of poetry unit - review literary terms and sample poem commentaries
Th/F, Sept. 9/10
Final assessment for poetry unit (in-class essay on unseen poem); if time, read and discuss Autorretrato, Hombres necios
HW: Read Isabel Allende's "Two Words"
M/Tu, Sept. 13/14
SSR; introduction of Latin American short stories & discussion of prominent themes; discussion of gender issues in Latin American prose & poetry
HW: Read Emilia Pardo Bazán's The Red Stockings and respond to discussion topic on the main class page
W/Th, Sept. 15/16
SSR & discuss reading selections; review of Bazán compared/contrasted with Allende; introduction to Cortázar, read Continuity of Parks
HW: Read Cortázar, ¨The Night Face-Up¨; suggest 3 [reduced from 5 because there aren't that many difficult words] terms from the story for new vocab list on the English 9 Vocabulary page
F/M, Sept. 17/20
SSR; discussion of literary ambiguity and Cortázar; vocabulary review; introduction to Borges; blog time
HW: Read Borges, “The South” and answer either of the 2 questions on the main class page discussion tab. Once one question has 19 responses, you must answer the other if you wish to receive credit.
Tu/W, Sept. 21/22
SSR; blog time; vocabulary work on wiki
HW: finish vocabulary sentences on Discussion tab of Vocabulary Page (9 sentences total, no more than 4 sentences per any single word)
Th/F, Sept. 23/24
Read "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" (Gabriel García Márquez); answer one of the discussion tab questions on the main class page (due by 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday the 28th, regardless of when your class meets)
Tu, Sept. 28
[PERIOD 6 ONLY] [Vocabulary quiz canceled]; review vocab sentences for grammar; discuss García Márquez
HW: Comparison paper work
W/Th, Sept. 29/30
Vocabulary sentences review (per. 1 & 2); comparison paper & presentation work (essay writing lesson); discussion of comparison topics and essay planning
HW: Comparison paper work
F/M, Oct.1/4
Continuation of comparison paper & essay writing in-class work
HW: Comparison paper work
Tu/W, Oct. 5/6
In-class essay workshop, continued
HW: Continue work on comparison paper (if you used any outside sources other than your stories, you must include a bibliography and parenthetic citations as discussed in class - you may use this resource to create your bibliography if you like)
Th/F, Oct. 7/8
Final in-class work on comparison paper (due before midnight on Saturday; submit to - see main class page for instructions); blog time
HW: Read The Odyssey, Book 1 (you will be asked a comprehension question based on a passage on Monday/Wednesday, so don't just read a summary!)
M/W, Oct. 11/13
Introduction to The Odyssey on Shmoop; blog time
HW: Read summaries of Books 2 - 8 on Shmoop The Odyssey, Book 9 ("In the One-Eyed Giant's Cave")
Th/F, Oct. 14/15
SSR, vocabulary lesson, dramatic scenes (video & audio) from The Odyssey, discuss hero’s quest and epic poetry, begin Book 12
HW: Read The Odyssey, Book 12 ("The Cattle of the Sun"); respond to wiki topic on the discussion tab (one of two options)
M/Tu, Oct. 25/26
SSR, Odyssey episode review, timeline, discussion of Odyssey project
HW: Read The Odyssey, Book 17 ("Stranger at the Gates") and post your topic for the Odyssey presentations on the discussion tab on the main English 9 page (make sure to read my example first)
Th/F, Oct. 28/29
SSR; finish vocabulary paragraphs; reading discussion; project preparation / blog time
HW: Read The Odyssey, Books 20 - 21; prepare presentations
M/Tu, Nov. 1/2
SSR, Odyssey presentation work time
HW: Read The Odyssey, Book 23 ("Reunion with Penelope")
W/Th, Nov. 3/4
Prompt writing; Odyssey presentation work time
HW: attend the HS play, The Odyssey
F/M, Nov. 5/8
Odyssey presentations
HW: attend the HS play, The Odyssey; prepare for The Odyssey presentations
Tu/W, Nov. 9/10
Odyssey presentations / First They Killed My Father intro and group reading
Read First They Killed My Father, pp. 1 – 49
Th/F, Nov. 11/12
SSR; introduction to First They Killed My Father; group reading
Read pp. 50 – 78, and respond to one of the 3 discussion question posted on the main class page. (Once one discussion question has 13 responses, you must choose a different one.)
M/Tu, Nov. 15/16
SSR; grammar practice; reading discussion; review of FTKMF essay question list & final exam monologue options
Read pp. 79 – 112, and post the number of your selected essay question on the discussion tab (essay options: FTKMF Essay topics). Also: the first blog entry for this grading period is due by midnight on Wednesday.
W/M, Nov. 17/22
SSR; grammar practice; reading discussion; brief essay intro draft time
Read pp. 113 – 163 and respond to one of the discussion questions on the wiki discussion tab. [Once 13 people have responded to one of the topics, choose a different question.]
Th/F, Nov. 18/19
[rescheduled class trips - no classes]
Tu/W, Nov. 23/24
SSR; grammar practice; reading discussion; continue essay drafting
Read pp. 164 - 202 Also: the second blog entry for this grading period is due by midnight on Wednesday the 23rd.
Th/F, Nov. 25/26
SSR; Cambodia timeline; planning for final exam activities
Read pp. 203 – 238 (i.e., finish the book). Also, finish drafting the first 2 - 3 paragraphs of your essay. There is no wiki post due.
M/Tu, Nov. 29/30
Concluding discussion; in-class composition and peer-editing time
Complete composition rough draft by next class

Also: the third blog entry for this grading period is due by midnight on Monday the 29th.
W/Th, Dec. 1/2
Rough draft of composition due; essay revision & peer-editing time
HW: complete final draft of essay by midnight on Friday
F/M, Dec. 3/6 [dead week]
Finalize monologue presentations
HW: prepare for final exam (monologue presentation & in-class essay) Also: the fourth (and final) blog entry for this grading period is due by midnight on Friday the 3rd.
Tu/W, Dec. 7/8 [dead week]
Monologue presentations (1/2 of final exam grade)
HW: prepare for final exam
Th/F, Dec. 9/10 [dead week]
Final exam review: note-taking for exam sheets
HW: prepare for final exam