National Geographic POD: Sheep in Scotland

Final blog deadline for the year: 4 entries are due by May 31st

Required blog topic for April - May: Pros and cons of blogging - how did you feel about your blogging experience this year? Waste of time, or productive endeavor? Be honest (but kind!) so I can evaluate the use of this activity for next year's incoming freshmen.

Blog topic suggestions from the Internet:
100 Blog Toipcs I Hope You Write About
Top 10 Most Interesting Things to Blog About
101 Ideas to Make your Blog Sizzle

Next blog due date, 3rd quarter:
(Entries will be considered on time if posted before midnight on the due date.)
- 3 complete entries due on or before 31 January. (Students earn better grades if their blog entries are not all posted at 11 p.m. on the 31st.)

Tired of blogging? Design your own PWP (personalized writing project):
If you aren't finding that the blog format works for you, you are welcome to design an alternative writing project to replace your blog. You do not have to make it public for your classmates to read, although you do need to give me access to it, so I can grade you. Some options include:
1. Short stories or a novel-in-progress
2. An autobiography
3. Poetry
4. A collection of letters to public or private entities (see this example)
5. A reading journal about what you've been reading on your own time OR in class

If you are interested in any of these ideas, or need some help designing a different project, please see me or send me an e-mail. The idea is for you to develop your writing by writing about something of interest to you - if the blog format isn't working, there's no reason you shouldn't come up with a project that matches your interests better.

Note: you need to attribute the images you find online with at least a link to their original sites. Use this resource to create a shortened link to those pages. Include the link as a caption below your image. (Thanks to Allan for the link.)

Links to all English 9 Blogs:
(if you're short on ideas, browse the blogs with asterisks - they're good examples)
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6th period
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Optional blog topics:
1. Review a movie you've seen lately, an album you've been listening to, or a TV show you feel strongly about.
2. Write about your most recent vacation - where did you go? Did you like it? Include some photos if you can.
3. What's frustrating you about high school? Write about it.
4. Write a poem or a short story (or an installment of a short story).
5. How is ECA different / the same / better / worse than past schools you've attended?
6. What's your family like? Immediate family (parents, siblings)? Extended family (grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins)? What are your family traditions?
7. What plans do you have for your life - what do you want to do after college?
8. What celebrities interest you, or anger you?
9. What are your favorite hobbies? Write about an activity you really love.
10. What are the biggest challenges or causes of stress in your life? How do you deal with them?
11. Write about some favorite memories - a special summer, a trip you took, an old friend, a childhood game, elementary or middle school, etc.
12. Where have you traveled (in Venezuela, or elsewhere)? What were your impressions?
13. Write about your favorite foods, or foods you like to prepare yourself.
14. Post creative writing - fiction, poetry, an essay, a personal narrative, etc.
15. What are your friends like? What do you do with them?
16. What are your views on controversial topics in the news? Problems you see in the world around you? (Write respectfully, even about topics that inspire passion in you.)
17. What did you do during your vacation in December / January? Describe your travels, or your holiday with family.
18. Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? What are they? Have you broken them already?
19. Reflect on your first semester of high school, and / or your first final exams.
20. How does it feel to return to school for second semester after what was nearly as long as a summer holiday?

These are all viable ideas, but the best blogs that students are currently writing are about their unique observations on the world around them. They notice things that are odd, or exciting, or frustrating, and evaluate these trends / behaviors / ideas. Your blog is a place to develop your natural voice as well as your writing conventions. If you write about something that is truly interesting to you, your voice will emerge naturally.

To advertise your blog: submit your address to some of these sites, and more people will eventually visit.
Free Web Submission

Required blog topics from past months:
Period ending 15 October: write a review of a book you are currently reading or have recently completed during daily silent reading. Your review should include both a discussion of the book's content and your opinion of it; you should not reveal the ending. Also, indicate whether or not you are willing to lend the book to your classmates.