Semester II, English A1/11: January – June 2011
Tu, 11 Jan
Prompt writing (TCO 2011-01-11) introduction to Chekov & The Cherry Orchard (The Cherry Orchard intro), and turn of the century Russian society; group reading and discussion; explanation of new wiki post criteria
HW: no written homework due (do review Act I if you didn't do two IOCs 1st semester)
Th, 13 Jan
Prompt writing (TCO 2011-01-13); IOCs from Acts I & II; wiki corrections; vocabulary; discussion of Chekhovian comedy & LA Times article (Simple, inspiring, misread)
HW: finish the LA Times article ("Simple, inspiring, misread") and answer wiki question re: Chekhovian comedy
M, 17 Jan
Prompt writing (TCO 2011-01-17); IOCs from Act III; discussion of style and realism; group reading & discussion
HW: answer wiki question (setting)
W, 19 Jan
Prompt writing (TCO 2011-01-19); IOCs from Act IV; wiki corrections; revisit elements of setting introduced on 11 January; view clips of divergent productions
HW: answer wiki question (dramatic interpretations - film versions)
M, 24 Jan
Prompt writing (TCO 2011-01-24); guided outline work for in-class essay; review of literary devices discussed; analysis of key passages from play; response to different directors’ choices
HW: prepare for in-class essay (no written homework)
W, 26 Jan
In-class essay (concluding assessment): analysis based on a specific, assigned passage from the play
F, 28 Jan
Prompt writing; introduction to Ibsen (if you missed class, see Ibsen + HG intro PowerPoint and Ibsen & HG intro notes), Hedda Gabler, and modern theater; discuss annotation; group reading of Act I
HW: read / reread and mark Act I
Tu, 1 Feb
Prompt writing (HG 2011-02-01); discuss Hedda Gabler Act I; revisit IOC structure; discuss Ibsen's Norway & differentiate from Victorian England; begin reading Act II
HW: read and mark Act II
Th, 3 Feb
Visit the library for introduction to new resources; discuss Act II; begin reading Act III; Norway & Modernism research tasks
HW: read and mark Act III
M, 7 Feb
Prompt writing (HG 2011-02-07); IOCs from Acts I - III in HG; discuss Acts II - III and begin reading Act IV
HW: read and mark Act IV
W, 9 Feb
Prompt writing (HG 2011-02-09); IOCs from Acts I - IV in HG; discuss play's conclusion
HW: respond to wiki topic regarding comparative topics
F, 11 Feb
Prompt writing (HG 2011-02-11); IOCs from Acts I - IV in HG; finish wiki research posts; introduce world literature paper 1 and review posted topics from The Cherry Orchard and Hedda Gabler
HW: no written HW except for those who never posted research and examples for Modernism and Norway
Tu, 15 Feb
Prompt writing (comparative: bring TCO as well as HG) (HG 2011-02-15); IOCs from Acts I - IV in HG; summarize and discuss wiki research on Norway and Modernism
HW: prepare for in-class essay (no written homework)
Th, 17 Feb
In-class essay (concluding assessment): response to a general comparative topic about Hedda Gabler and The Cherry Orchard
No homework (please bring Death and the Maiden to class Monday if you already took a copy)
M, 21 Feb
Introduction to Dorfman (DATM intro), Death and the Maiden, and 20th-century Latin American / Chilean history: read Chile encyclopedia article, Pinochet Abuse Victims, and Dorfman on Pinochet´s death; group reading of Act I
HW: read / reread Act I (pp. 1 – 26)
W, 23 Feb
Prompt writing (DATM 2011-02-23); IOC's; discussion of Act I and group reading of Act II; scene viewing from Acts I and II
HW: read Act II (pp. 29 – 49)
F, 25 Feb
Prompt writing (DATM 2011-02-25); IOC's; discussion of Act II
HW: read Act III and afterword (pp. 53 – 75)
Tu, 1 Mar
Prompt writing (DATM 2011-03-01); IOC's; discussion of Act III and conclusion; scene presentation assignment description; begin lesson on quotation integration and apostrophes
HW: post practice quotation integration response
Th, 3 Mar
Prompt writing (DATM Chunk 2011-03-03); IOC's; conclude lesson on quotation integration and apostrophes; work time for scenes
HW: post suggested comparative topic for Death and the Maiden and either TCO or HG
W, 9 Mar
Quiz on quotation integration (download corrected student samples of quotation integration here); work time for scenes
HW: finalize scene presentations
F, 11 Mar
Scene presentations and directorial rationale; if time, review of potential DATM topics
HW: prepare for concluding essay
Tu, 15 Mar
In-class essay (concluding assessment for Death and the Maiden): comparison using past Paper 2s (identical format to last in-class essay)
HW: submit final topic proposal form for World Lit Paper 1
Th, 17 Mar
Formal introduction and explanation of World Literature papers 1 & 2; discussion of comparative essay topic selections; work time for outline & quotation selection
HW: draft outline or matrix and select 12 - 18 quotations (see main page of wiki for additional information about the outline)
M, 21 Mar
Quotation selection and classmate X, Y, Z feedback session; World Literature paper 1 work time
HW: work on draft; submit any changes to outline
Th, 24 Mar
World Literature paper 1 work time
HW: work on draft
M, 28 Mar
World Literature paper 1 work time
HW: work on draft
W, 30 Mar
World Literature paper 1 / 2 work time
HW: work on draft; WL2 topic proposal form for HL students due on Friday
F, 1 Apr
World Literature paper 1 / 2 work time
HW: work on draft
Tu, 5 Apr
World Literature paper 1 / 2 work time
HW: submit draft of Paper 1 to before midnight on Wednesday.
Th, 7 Apr
SAT Writing prep; introduction to Conrad (Heart of Darkness Intro), Heart of Darkness, and European colonization ('New Light on HOD'); group reading and analysis of Conrad’s prose
HW: read pages 5 - 10, ending with ". . . Marlow's inconclusive experiences."
M, 11 Apr
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-04-11); IOC's; introduction of close reading (if time, read "Agassiz and the Fish"); discussion of first reading assignment & beginning of second
HW: read pages 10 - 19, ending with ". . . thirty miles higher up."
W, 13 Apr
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-04-13); IOC's; discussion of reading assignment; begin close reading work
HW: read pages 19 - 31, ending with ". . . the bottom of his pail."
F, 15 Apr
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-04-15); IOC's (short class)
HW: read pages 31 - 40 (to the end of Chapter I); post response to wiki discussion question
Tu, 26 Apr
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-04-26); IOC's; reading discussion & work time for WL paper 2
HW: work on WL paper 2; show some evidence of progress before Thursday (no HW for SL students)
Th, 28 Apr
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-04-28); IOC's; work and help time for WL paper 2
HW: HL students, submit draft of Paper 2 to before midnight on Monday 2 May.
M, 2 May
Brief discussion of Part 1 of HOD; discussion of WL1 feedback; work time for WL1 or WL2
HW: read pages 41 - 56 (end of page)
W, 4 May
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-05-04); IOC's; discussion of reading assignment; if time, work on close analysis of selected passages
HW: read pages 57 - 70 (to the end of Chapter 2)
F, 6 May
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-05-06); IOC's; Achebe essay ("An Image of Africa")
HW: read pages 71 - 82 (end of page)
Tu, 10 May
Prompt writing (HOD 2011-05-10); IOC's; discussion of wiki responses; SurveyMonkey survey
HW: read pages 83 - 91, ending with "And then they very nearly buried me."
Th, 12 May
IOC's; reading discussion; discuss close reading and independent article assignments (see articles here)
HW: read pages 91 - 101 (end of novel)
M, 16 May
IOC'S (Mandi, Amanda, Megan, Marisa); read "Apocalypse Now" intro article (The Maddest Movie Ever); watch beginning of film
Work on article / précis assignment (Writing a Précis) - NOTE: A sample précis is posted on the wiki under the discussion topic.
W, 18 May
IOC's (Barbara, Ernesto, Ernie, Pedro); guidelines for précis assignment; discuss and watch "Apocalypse Now"
Work on article / précis assignment
F, 20 May
IOC's; "Apocalypse Now & discussion
Finish reading article; post précis & evaluation on the wiki before class meets on Tuesday.
Tu, 24 May
[Submit précis to wiki discussion topic by today.] IOC's; finish "Apocalypse Now" (if not finished on Friday) and discuss. Work time for creative project and/or WL1 revisions.

Th, 26 May
Individual creative (visual, musical, literary, cinematic, etc.) presentations from the work of your choice this year; work time for WL1 revisions.

M, 30 May
IOC's; discussion of final exam format & strategies; close analysis of HOD passages
W, 1 June
IOC's; review feedback from class survey; study time for final exam
F, 3 June
NOTE: Revisions to WL1 paper may be turned in any time through today. There should be at least a little time to work on revisions during class this week.
6 – 9 June
SEMESTER II FINAL EXAMS (English final will take place on Monday, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

Semester I, English A1/11: August – December 2010
Tu, Aug 17
Course introduction; photos; brief introduction to “The Bacchae” & Greek tragedy
HW: Expectations signatures (Academic Honesty Policy is on p. 34 of the Student Handbook)
Th, Aug 19
Prompt writing in anticipation of Greek tragedy unit; brief overview of IB English A1 parts and assessments (see linked PowerPoint for a more thorough understanding); essential vocabulary from "The Bacchae"; discussion of play’s context; group reading
HW: Read & mark “The Bacchae” prologue and Act I, pp. 21 – 42
M, Aug 23
Prompt writing (Bacchae 10-08-23); discussion & clarification; group reading
HW: Read / mark TB Acts II & III, pp. 43 – 68
W, Aug 25
Prompt writing (Bacchae 10-08-25); discussion & clarification; group reading
HW: Read / mark TB Acts IV & V, pp. 68 – 96
F, Aug 27
Prompt writing (Bacchae 10-08-27); some interesting takes on the conclusion: from Shmoop / Stanford Theater; introduction of Individual Oral Presentation format and criteria A1 Internal Assessment.pdf; choice of topics for informal presentations
HW: Prepare group presentations
Tu, Aug 31
HS English Norming & Conventions Calibration Exercise: Norming Rubric, Formulaic Essay Format
HW: Finalize group presentations
Th, Sept 2
Read excerpt from The Secret History; prompt writing (Bacchae 10-09-02); prepare “The Bacchae” presentations for Monday; discuss concluding assessment
HW: Finalize group presentations; post sample IOP topic from "The Bacchae" on discussion page
M, Sept 6
presentations from “The Bacchae”
HW: prepare Bacchae essay from in-class writing prompts (not due until Friday, 10 September)
W, Sept 8
Brief (10-15 minute) discussion of successful analytic essay writing; concluding assessment from "The Bacchae" (45 minute in-class essay)
HW: complete Bacchae essay from in-class writing prompts
F, Sept 10
Turn in Bacchae essay - more information on main class page; prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-10); introduction to Tim O’Brien, Vietnam, and The Things They Carried; brief introduction to Commentary (oral & written)
HW: Read TTTC pp. 1 – 63
Tu, Sept 14
Prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-14); individual oral commentaries (my model; group contributions - (my commentary notes); discussion
HW: Read TTTC pp. 64 – 112, and post (on the wiki discussion tab) your best guess from this section for the IOC passage I'll assign on Thursday.
Th, Sept 16
Prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-16); individual oral commentaries (assigned: Anton & Mandi / Heleny & Aastha); discussion
HW: Read TTTC pp. 117 – 154
M, Sept 20
Prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-20); individual oral commentaries (assigned); discussion; literary terms
HW: Read TTTC pp. 155 – 207
W, Sept 22
Prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-22); individual oral commentaries (assigned); discussion; creative oral activities introduction & initial preparation
HW: Read TTTC pp. 208 – 233
F, Sept 24
[CLASSES CANCELLED] At home, you should finish novel / work on concluding presentation for The Things They Carried (see main class page for details) / post sample IOP topic on discussion forum
HW: Post sample IOP topic from The Things They Carried
Tu, Sept 28
Prompt writing (TTTC 2010-09-28); IOCs; time to work on concluding presentations
HW: finalize presentations
Th, Sept 30
Presentation of prepared oral activities as concluding assessment for TTTC
HW: Read introductory material for Romantic poetry: Romanticism, p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10 p11 p12 p13 (you may skip the sections on The Napoleonic Wars [p3], Coping with Society's Problems [p4], Goethe [p7], and British Prose [p10-11], although I recommend reading the entire packet!); and listen to 3 introductory selections (posted on this page)
M, Oct 4
Prompt writing (Rom 2010-10-04); discuss Romantic poetry + homework reading; model poetry commentary; choose poems from Romantic poetry packet
HW: Read all William Blake selections in the poetry packet
W, Oct 6
Introduction to Blake [download Blake powerpoint or Blake outline], prompt writing (Rom 2010-10-06), IOCs, review poetic devices terminology & meter, applying devices to individually assigned poems
HW: Read all Samuel Coleridge selections in the packet; review "Kubla Khan" (You may read only the first half of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Christabel" if you choose, although IOC passages may come from anywhere in these poems. Read all of "Frost at Midnight.")
F, Oct 8
Introduction to Coleridge [download Coleridge pow'rpoint or outline], prompt writing (Rom 2010-10-08), IOCs, finish Blake presentation, begin poetic devices discussion
HW: Read all John Keats selections in the packet; review "Bright Star"
W, Oct 13
Introduction to Keats, prompt writing (Rom 2010-10-13), IOCs, watch beginning of “Bright Star”
HW: read and know your presentation poem
F, Oct 15
[40 minute classes] Brief introduction to Keats, IOCs [5th period only], discussion of poetry presentations, begin group analysis of "Bright Star" and independent analysis of assigned poems
HW: Continue to analyze individually assigned poems for presentations
Tu, Oct 26
Read and discuss "The Eve of St. Agnes"
HW: work on presentations
F, Oct 29
Prompt writing (Rom 2010-10-29); work time for poetry presentations
HW: finalize presentations
Tu, Nov 2
Presentation and discussion of assigned poems
HW: finalize presentations; practice or potential IOP topic proposal from Blake, Coleridge or Keats poetry
Th, Nov 4
Presentation and discussion of assigned poems
HW: finalize presentations
M, Nov 8
Presentation and discussion of assigned poems
HW: Read A Streetcar named Desire, pp. 1 – 45
W, Nov 10
Wrap up poetry presentations; if time, discussion of play and playwright’s biography
HW: Read ASND pp. 46 - 84
F, Nov 12
Prompt writing (ASND 2010-11-12); introduce play & discuss major themes and devices
HW: Read ASND pp. 85 - 116
Tu, Nov 16
Prompt writing (ASND 2010-11-16); IOCs; discuss violence in drama (The Bacchae & ASND)
HW: Finish ASND for Monday; also, post your actual choice for IOP topic on the wiki (note: the wiki posting is necessary in order to ensure that no two students use the same topic; you will not be graded on these posts, but if you choose a topic and do not post it and then another student chooses and posts it, the student who has "claimed" it on the wiki will use it.)
Th, Nov 18
M, Nov 22
Reading drama / technical terms presentation (Reading drama); prompt writing (ASND 2010-11-22); IOCs; concluding discussion; discuss selection of IOP topic
HW: Fill out formal topic outline for IOC (these forms should be as detailed as possible; you will receive a grade for your proposal)
W, Nov 24
Prompt writing (ASND 2010-11-24) & IOC's; discuss final exam; prepare for IOP's
HW: Prepare for IOP’s / final exam
F, Nov 26
Preparing for IOP’s
HW: Prepare for IOP’s / final exam
Tu, Nov 30
Individual Oral Presentations

Th, Dec 2
Individual Oral Presentations

M, Dec 6 [dead week]
Individual Oral Presentations

W, Dec 8 [dead week]
Individual Oral Presentations

F, Dec 10 [dead week]
Individual Oral Presentations