Odilon Redon, "Guardian Spirit of the Waters"

ECA IB English A1 / 11, 2010-11

Summer reading: remember, you need to read Edith Wharton's novel The Age of Innocence during the summer vacation. You should also respond to one discussion question about the novel by midnight on the first day of school. Questions are posted on the discussion tab of this page.

Assignment calendar page with links

Course documents, resources, & English-related links:
Course Expectations & texts
Course Outline, 1st semester
ECA Student Handbook
Online dictionary
Pronunciation dictionary for Greek names
The ECHO (ECA's webzine)
Extended Essay information
Library Resources
Grammar links
IB links
Literary terms
e-text of The Age of Innocence (summer reading)
.pdf copy of //The Age of Innocence//

Final exam, Semester 2: The format for the 2nd semester exam essay will be a commentary on a passage from Heart of Darkness. I will give you two passages; you may select the one you wish to write about. Make sure you review main ideas from HOD as well as the commentary format (Structuring Commentary Essays - we'll go over this in class during Dead Week as well).

Here's a sample commentary from HOD pp. 78-9: Sample HOD 78-9, and your list of important ideas from the text: HOD ideas

Having trouble defining & analyzing diction? Here are some resources I scavenged from the Internet:
1. Diction Packet from Ms. Jenkins' Online Classroom
2. Diction guide from Asta Bowen's website

Heart of Darkness, resources:
e-Text of Heart of Darkness (pdf file): HOD e-text
Link to online e-text of HOD
Audio copy of HOD, if you prefer to listen
Part 1 of John Malkovich's 1993 movie version of HOD
Original extended trailer for "Apocalypse Now"

World Literature Papers 1 & 2, resources:
WL1 Topic Proposal Form (due 17 March) (note: you do not need to fill out the second page with your quotation selections at this point - we'll talk about that before it's due)
WL2 Topic Proposal Form (due Friday 1 April)
WL comparative matrix (use this or a traditional outline to plan your essay - due Monday, along with your quotation selection)
Topics already chosen: (please review this if you are resubmitting or still refining your topic - don't waste time by choosing something that has already been claimed by a classmate)
Death and the Maiden (full text)
Hedda Gabler (full text - thanks, Najla)
Formatting notes to review before you post, and instructions (the document we reviewed together in class on Tuesday)
WL1 Sample Titles: feel free to browse these titles if you're having trouble selecting yours.
World Literature Assignment 2: Contact me if you would like a copy of the specifications for this assignment from IB - you should read them before making your choice, and remember that you must use one of the WL texts you did not use in Paper 1. The four WL texts we have read are The Bacchae, The Cherry Orchard, Hedda Gabler and Death and the Maiden.

Current assignments and updates (for old assignments, visit the old assignments page)

Remaining assignments:
Due Tuesday, 24 May: post your précis and evaluation of your chosen article on the wiki discussion tab (Writing a Précis) - a sample is posted if you need to review it.

Due Thursday, 26 May: present your creative piece based on any work from this year (see me if you need an extension to Dead Week)

Due Monday, 30 May: submit your final (for this year) draft of World Literature Paper 1 with revisions