9th Grade Final Exam – characters for monologue

(Note: these are the relatively major characters from all the works we have read. You are welcome to choose a minor character and develop his or her perspective. Please ask before choosing someone not on the list.)

If you have your heart set on a character chosen by someone in another class, talk to me - I am flexible. However, two people in the same class may not choose the same character under any circumstances.

I. poetry
1. Walt Whitman (or narrator) / worker from "I Hear America Singing"
2. Albatross woman
3. athlete dying young
4. recipient of “Shall I compare thee . . .”
5. recipient of “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun . . .”
6. “Song in the front yard” child
7. “Stopping by woods” horse or driver
8. “Inheritance” or “Self Portrait” speaker or family members

II. short stories
9. “Two Words” Coronel, Belisa or el Mulato
10. “The South” protagonist or killer
11. “Night Face Up” motorcycle rider, Aztec priest
12. “Continuity of Parks” killer, lover, reader
13. “Enormous Wings” angel, Elisenda, Pelayo, child, spider girl
14. “The Red Stockings” Ildara, Tio Clodio

III. Odyssey
15. Penelope
16. Telemachus
17. Athena
18. Hermes
19. Odysseus
20. Calypso
21. Zeus
22. Circe
23. Antinous
24. Laertes
25. Tiresias
26. Poseidon
27. Scylla
28. Argos (the dog)
29. Polythemus (Cyclops)

30. Loung
31. Ma
32. Pa
33. Kim x 2
34. Chou
35. Geak
36. Khouy
37. Meng
38. Keav
39. Pol Pot x 2
40. Met Bong
41. Uncle Leang or Heang
42. Loung's cat in Phnom Penh
43. Angry crowd member from execution scene near end of book